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Stormsafe Windows are manufactured by The Joinery Store in Young, heart of the Hilltops Region of rural NSW. Here the climate is quite extreme ranging from subzero temperatures to over 45­°C in a single year. Therefore this is the perfect place to test the thermal properties of Stormsafe windows and they perform well. With low U Value ranges, our high performance windows provide great insulation. Thus allowing you to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round.


The thermal performance of a stormsafe window is achieved by a few means. First, the frame is made with timber which is more insulating than materials such as aluminum. We then glaze our Stormsafe windows with double glazed units filled with Argon Gas. This can also be coupled with a Low E coating for even greater performance. And finally, our windows are sealed with a neoprene weather seal which prevents any air or water penetration. This has been demonstrated both in practical applications and in third party laboratory testing. The seal is held firm between the casement and frame by a multi-point lock. This also improves home security.

Strong Windows


Aside from having great insulating properties, Stormsafe Windows also have great strength and durability. Our windows have undergone third part laboratory testing to ensure that they can withstand high pressures without structural failure. Furthermore, no air or water leaks were observed during the testing. 

You can find our windows around Regional NSW, Sydney, Newcastle and the ACT standing the test of time.


Long Life Windows


Stormsafe Windows are designed to have a long service life. The fittings used, such as the stainless steel friction stays, are tested for thousands of cycles. Furthermore the Accoya timber has an estimated 60 year minimum service life and is backed by a 50-year guarantee.  We can also coat the timber with Teknos paints and stains which carry an 8 to 12 year guarantee depending on the application. The frames are secured together using SPAX stainless steel & Wirox screws and a high strength adhesive to prevent separation of the joints over time. Stormsafe Windows simply are not meant to be replaced and do not require regular maintenance required with other timber windows. They can even be left uncoated allowing the timber to grey over time.

We have a simple but effective installation method requiring minimal on site labour to fit our windows. We can supply all the consumables needed for installation such as SPAX screws and expanding foam.




Bespoke Timber Joinery


We don't just make quality windows, we also produce a range of high quality bespoke timber joinery. From doors and staircases to book shelves and mantles. Our team of craftsmen exercise the finest attention to detail and care when crafting any piece. Therefore we work with a variety of timbers and hardware to produce stunning long last pieces. You can view more of our work at




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